Giftedness is not what you think it is!

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Profoundly gifted people have an entirely different way of thinking, processing information
and reacting! Gifted is a spectrum and each level has a variance of one standard deviation.
BUT, what is Giftedness? Is it meerly an IQ score? Are all Gifted children successful in the
classroom? How does a profoundly gifted child differ from a moderately gifted one? And
what might we see in the classroom and how to identify and scaffold? Using personal
experience from raising a profoundly gifted child and adding evidence from neuroscience
and giftedness research, the speaker will take us through all these questions and more and
provide some answers.

Dr. Gopika Kannan (Ph.D) is a cognitive scientist and thought leader with a proven track
record in executing transformational change and innovation programs from digital
transformation, post-merger integration to government policy. She has a passion for
enabling innovative problem solving by leveraging the power of collective intelligence, using
cognitive solutions in machine learning, deep learning and NLP, across multiple industries
(aerospace, auto, healthcare and insurance) and multiple cultures. With her innate ability to
connect the dots, she can see the tremendous opportunities presented that result from the
convergence of intelligent automation (cognitive and robotics), the Internet of Things, and
Digital technology. Her start-up designs wearable and artificial intelligence solutions that can
be used in preclinical detection and to assist people with dementia. She is also a full-time
mom to a profoundly gifted 9 year old, whom she home schools and advocate for the special
needs of the gifted. She is passionate about giftedness advocacy and awareness.

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