Along with the 25th IDEC in Bangalore in 2018, the 3rd APDEC and the 1st InDEC were organised. Participants came from 20 countries, with about 150 children, a number of young people and 250 adults. It was a celebration of democracy as part of one’s natural living day.

What brings everyone to this arena is perhaps the need to explore, to question, to resolve, to find processes and ways for living and learning in a human way for the young of our species and for the generation on its way into the future.

Democracy is not a choice!

India is a democratic country and all elements of it need to be democratic, if the country as a whole is to be and become truly democratic.

The aim of the Conference is to bring people together to live, learn and participate, rather than attend with imposed rules and definitions. The goal is to enable each child and adult to experience democracy and feel the atmosphere of encouragement and dignity and act further from a sense of freedom and responsibility.

IDEC is not an organisation and neither is InDEC.

If there is an organisation, a head and a tail are required! It is a Conference and people who are interested, attend and take it forward in their lives and profession. Each unit, be it an individual or an organisation, generates its own energy and momentum.

Whom is InDEC for ?

  • InDEC is for schools, colleges, universities, organisations, institutions or communities inside and outside India, which are interested to incorporate democratic structures and culture
  • InDEC is for regular schools and alternative education programmes
  • InDEC is for home schooling parents and un-schooling communities
  • InDEC is for anyone who is interested in democracy as a way of life
  • The Democratic Education Conference brings together people from a wide range of education experience to share, reflect and evolve.

2nd InDEC 2019

The 2nd India Democratic Education Conference was held from Thu 28th Nov to Sun 1st Dec, 2019 at the Western Ghats International School, Ettimadai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

3rd InDEC 2020

The 3rd India Democratic Education Conference was held as part of Web IDEC 2020 from Nepal, as a conference within a conference.

Date: Friday, 6th November 2020

About 40 presentations, on three channels, in one single day, with a few spilling over into adjacent days, were shared.

From the Western Ghats in 2019, InDEC went to the Himalayas in 2020

From the Western Ghats in 2019, InDEC went to the Himalayas in 2020