One of the first major events hosted by SchoolScape, centre for educators was the
12th International Democratic Education Conference – IDEC – for ten days in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India in December 2004.

In November 2018, SchoolScape was again the host for the 25th IDEC. This time an offshoot, the 3rd APDEC – Asia-Pacific Democratic Education Conference and a new initiative, the 1st InDEC – India Democratic Education Conference – were also held in tandem at Bangalore, India.

SchoolScape has been at the forefront of initiating a democratic culture in schools and learning organisations in India, under the banner of IDEC and InDEC. The 3rd InDEC was held recently as part of the Web IDEC 2020 conducted from Nepal.

SchoolScape has undertaken teacher development, training, studies for government education departments and for the private sector. ‘The Effectiveness of ABL in Tamil Nadu’, being one of these, which was done when the Activity-based Learning programme was scaled up to the state level and implemented in 37,000 government and government-aided schools in 2007. The foundation for the ABL initiative was set by a reflective-action oriented training of 100,000 teacher-educators in the state led by the founder of SchoolScape.

The organisation has conducted the Indian Montessori Training Courses, IMTC, at the Elementary level, affiliated to the Indian Montessori Centre, IMC, from 2012 onwards. The founder of SchoolScape encouraged IMC to set up the Elementary training courses in different cities, and brought the faculty, the curriculum and the procedures together to make this happen in India, in continuity with what was started by Dr Maria Montessori in Kodaikanal in India in the early ‘40s.