To support one teacher, for one year in their journey to become magical educators,
it costs INR 90,000 / USD 1300.

Donate to SchoolScape
as little
as much as possible.

Let us together create an astounding learning environment for teachers, and so also for children and young people everywhere.

When you donate, you will –

  • Be a friend of SchoolScape, centre for educators
  • Receive an annual report from SchoolScape
  • Be on the data base and get updates
  • You can stretch out with your expertise and reach educators and students world-wide

One teacher reaches a 1000 students minimum in her or his working life.

If you enable 100 teachers to develop into wonderful educators in a year, we can together transform the mundane to a magical learning experience for 100,000 children in one year, lasting for a lifetime.

Help us to reach one million children soon. It is a matter of urgency, an emergency of a different kind. One cannot be complacent and let things go any which way.

The energies of the teachers and the students need to emerge.

Support SchoolScape in its battle for quality learning for teachers and thereby children.

Let the law we live by, be –

‘Do unto teachers, as you want them do unto children’

We have all suffered and seen intelligent children, becoming dull in a school environment as it exists in the majority of schools.

All children are intelligent. Only the range and the kind of intelligence vary.

We have seen the under-achievement of children. What they are capable of and what they do. They are grossly underestimated and not given sufficient opportunity by the school system in the intellectual, physical, emotional and social domains.

The low confidence of those who come out of the school system and join the work-force, keeps efficiency levels low too.

The lack of competent skills in any area, keeps young adults unemployed, unemployable or under-employed.

There is no match between what different industries require and what schools produce, if you see it even in these minimalistic terms. Schools are not doing what they are meant to do.

The natural initiative of children is suppressed, and then at 18 years old, they are blamed for being lethargic, with lack of enthusiasm.

The teachers are not to be singled out and blamed. One cannot continue to corner teachers, without confronting the school system and spot the lacuna in the kind of training they have been made to undergo.

Transform teachers to transform the education arena and generate a new society, a new world-wide citizen, centred in the local community, the country; who is caring, concerned and courageous.