SchoolScape has been functioning since 2004 with a focus on bringing quality learning to the field of education, be it large-scale government programmes or for independent schools. Its strength has been to influence and impact pedagogy of learning through a professional teacher, teacher-educator programmes, and developing programmes to enable learning from an experiential base to a conceptual level.

The primary task of SchoolScape is to enable educators in India to proactively enhance the quality of learning for children through schools and programmes to create a culture where learning is recognized as a natural human process. This is done in partnership with and the informed and active participation of educators, students and their parents.

SchoolScape aims at strengthening the existing education system by-

  1. Developing a holistic curriculum for children in early years, elementary school and secondary education.
  2. Teacher Development and training across all stages of education (early years, elementary school and secondary education)
  3. Building partnerships with a variety of institutions; both government and private, for developing the product, testing and implementing it.
  4. Reviewing and implementing the curriculum in partner schools/government agencies and field-based organisations.

To develop a holistic Montessori curriculum focused on the processes of learning and inclusion of updated present-day knowledge for all the subjects, is one of the aims. The curriculum is to be designed keeping in view the overall perspectives of the Montessori approach, which emphasizes on the experience of learning and the environment of learning.

To develop teacher training modules to train teachers on using the designed curriculum; at the same time focusing on building teachers capacity to understand and work with children of different age groups is seen as a critical medium for transformation to happen in the education arena and society.



IDEN–International Democratic Education Network

Peter Foti
Veltlinerstrasse 1/30
2353 Austria

InDEC – India Democratic Educational Conference

AERO – Alternative Education Resources Organization

Jerry Mintz
417 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights, NY, 11577

Tokyo Shure University

28-27, Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan

ADEC – Australasian Democratic Education Community

Chris Price
2/143 Burns Bay Rd
Lane Cove, NSW, 2066

Tekisen Democratic University

CBR Network

134, 6th Main Rd, 1st Block,
Hosakerehalli Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage,
Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085

Swaraj University

Tapovan Ashram
Nayakheda Gaon
2.5 kms off Kundal chowk from Amargarh Resort,
Udaipur – Ahmedabad highway
Rajasthan, India


  • Montessori and democratic principles are the foundation

  • Pedagogy is doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time for the right person to enable the learner to discover, to construct
  • Involving the head, heart and hand of a person makes it participatory
  • Talking with, not lecturing at
  • Practices formulated over many years, while observing and working with children and educators while making it anew each day
  • Focus on the processes rather than on outcomes
  • If the path is right, even if it meanders, the destination would be the right one
  • If one wishes to see the sunrise, waiting for it facing the west, one may see many sunsets but not a single sunrise. We have to turn around

  • The chemistry between the adult and the child to be a bonding, not a reaction
  • The educator’s personhood comes into play every moment. Engage with the person.


The primary task of SchoolScape is to enable educators to proactively enhance the quality of learning and life for children, wherever they are, by creating an environment where learning is recognized as a natural human process.