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Let us together create an astounding learning environment for teachers, and so also for children and young people everywhere.

Evolving Education

We believe that education is the key to supporting the spontaneous learning of every individual and to building a sustainable, robust society.

Project Nomad and SchoolScape, centre for educators have come together to work on a series of interviews with educationists who have contributed to bringing about changes, creating benchmarks as they have influenced the education processes and systems over the years and contributed to the evolving education scenario in the country. 

Our vision is to create a series of captivating interviews with renowned educators working for decades from across the country. These luminaries, armed with their expertise and groundbreaking ideas, will delve into the depths of education and share the vision of the work done or being done while peeking into the possibilities in the immediate future. Their insights and perspectives will help shape the education system of today and tomorrow.

To document and make visible this evolution, we are seeking your support to participate in sharing your experience, your thoughts, and how your ideas can be incorporated by thought leaders and practitioners in their programmes. 

Respective team members for this project are ready to volunteer for their time, energy, skill and experience and hence there is no expense for the same. The costs incurred for hiring equipment and travel will be raised through a crowd-funding campaign and some bearing the costs or contribute specifically. By contributing to this campaign, in any which way, you become an active participant in the mission to transform education for each and every individual in our ever-growing circles and wider society.

We aim to cover a range of important topics that the public is eager to explore. Here are some key areas that will be covered in the interview series:

  1. Indian Philosophy, Thought and Action for Education. How can the intellectual traditions of India be incorporated meaningfully into the education processes? Which of the ideas are classic and relevant, which need to be done so at different levels of school and teacher education? 
  2. Teacher empowerment – how teacher education programmes could enable educators at the ground level to bring in changes to improve the academic, emotional and social development of children and teachers too.
  3. Bringing about Change on a large scale in a state or a district – how have some of these illustrious programmes been implemented across India with an eye on quality? What do we learn from these?
  4. At times, small, local initiatives have influenced large segments, key people and policyholders to bring about changes that may not seem to be connected to the source. What are the elements of such programmes?

We firmly believe that this interview series has the potential to be a catalyst to spark a much-needed review of present-day foci in an ever-evolving education system. Your contribution will be shared through film, or audio on public formats. 

Join us in this endeavour by sharing your ideas in an interview format that will be recorded by filmmakers from Project Nomad and SchoolScape, who have volunteered their time to this project. Together, we can explore the possibilities….

Thank you for your support and belief in the power of education to transform lives.

Warm regards,

Sourav Dutta, Project Nomad

Amukta Mahapatra, SchoolScape, Centre for Educators

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  • You can stretch out with your expertise and reach educators and students world-wide

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