Please go through the prospectus, which has an overview and details of the courses

Besides the class hours, you may need to spend about 8 hrs a week, working on assignments, making materials, practicing.

As the course is also about making materials for use with the children and the objective is that you will be all set at the end of the course, to establish an elementary level class; a certain amount of attention is paid to making these.

You may have to spend about fifteen thousand on procuring materials.

A general list of materials will be given at the outset and specifics described as presentations are done for each subject.

Graduates are preferred as the course content is vast and covers the syllabi up to 8th Grade.

The medium of language is English. Many improve their language fluency as they do the course, both in speaking, comprehension and writing. That said, and understanding the situation all round the world, the course materials and presentations are handed out by the Centre, so that the subject albums are in good English.

You are expected to illustrate, make additional notes, write your reflections, for your own understanding, so that the album is an active guide for your work over the years.

Students have to share their work to the class which results in improving skills of presentation and public speaking.

For online sessions, if you are late by 5 min, you are marked absent for half the session. For contact classes, if you are late by 10 min, you are marked absent for half a day.

If you are absent for any reason, it goes towards the 10% absenteeism that is kept for illness or any untoward incidents, that come our way.

90% attendance is required to be able to take the examinations.

The recordings may be available for short periods or put up on a private channel for students. This possibility is being explored at the moment and if similar conditions and facilities are available, this may happen soon enough.

Of course! Assignments are given regularly, at the end of the week and usually two weeks is the time allotted for submissions.

If one does steady work through the year, it is a great way to keep the pace of the course. Remember, we are covering six years of a curriculum plus theory and practicum in one year or so.

The Centre is opened through the year and practice classes or contact classes are scheduled for each batch, looking at prevailing conditions. If you are going to be around the Centre, schedule a meeting or inform the coordinator or administrator.

Feel free to drop by!

Yes, plenty, so that the head, heart and hand work in unison and you too become an integrated person, and will be in a position to help children too.

If you are earning in another country, you will have to pay in USD

If you are working here, please pay in Indian currency.

Yes, private schools welcome Montessori trained teachers, especially at the elementary level, even if the schools do not follow the Montessori method. International schools too, see this course as additional qualification.

However, each country has their own rules, which need to be adhered to, and you may have to qualify yourself to work in the specific country.

There are many home-stay, paying-guest accommodation available within walking distance, which will be comfortable. Many have food facilities too. Links can be provided, so that you find the accommodation that suits you.