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Ashwin Prabhu


Amukta Mahapatra

on his book

     ‘Classroom with a View’ – Notes from the Krishnamurti Schools

  published by Tara Books

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 J. Krishnamurti offered a remarkable vision of education. His comprehensive critique of modern education and its ongoing sytemic crisis offers rich insight for developing an alternative. In this book, Ashwin Prabhu gives us a leisurely, vivid glimpse of these practices. He helps us draw a picture of the ethos Krishnamurti’s ideas and ideals call for.

This important work lights up the grey present of our confused struggle to reform education.

– Dr. Krishna Kumar
Former Director, NCERT

Ashwin Prabhu found his way into teaching in a rather fortuitous manner. Right on the threshold of a conventional corporate career, he came upon Krishnamurti’s book, “On Education”, on a friend’s coffee table. The book caused him to pause and reflect for the first time on his own schooling, and the role it  had played in his life choices as a young adult. For the next 10 years, even as he journeyed on his professional life, he kept coming back, again and again, to fundamental questions around education and its purpose.
Eventually, at the age of thirty three, he joined The School – the Krishnamurti School in Chennai, to teach English and History – his only qualifications for the role being an abiding childhood love for those subjects, and a ready willingness to work with children. The five years he spent in school allowed him to examine his questions around learning, growing, and finding ones place in the world in a more deliberate and experiential manner, and this book is an outcome of that engagement.

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