Our Alive Earth & My neighbourhood

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Our Alive Earth & My neighbourhood

Description: The Cosmic Education curriculum seeks to present the world as an interconnected whole to the child. To marvel at and learn! We are a part and not apart in this larger cosmos is a connection that children naturally have.
Do our geography presentations on Sun, earth, water and air celebrate this connection? Do our lessons on interconnectedness of human beings in human geography make us look at our immediate fellow beings – humans and others, as kith and kin? If yes, join us. If not, please join us.
Learning anew – a fresh new exploratory activity for taking into the Elementary Class
Presentation of Interdependency Flow Cards:
  • Tracing the routes of water, power and waste, from source to user and from user to source;
  • To enable the child to see the unseen, be aware of what and how much one consumes and to see the systems at work.

Anchor: Maya Seshagiri, an architect, who completed the Montessori Elementary course in 2014 is a faculty at SchoolScape. She is trying to knit into the existing curriculum different schools of knowledge, perspectives and learning; taking into account, to the extent possible, the hidden wisdom of ancient cultures, the recent strides made in climate science and more.

The material has been developed as a team, being conscious of our limited lenses and keeping the Montessori philosophy of a child’s well-being at the centre.

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