A patch of history: the Montessori Elementary Training Courses in India

Soon after I completed my primary course in 1973, in Ahmedabad, with IMTC - Indian Montessori Training Courses - where A.M. Joosten was the director (this was the last course he managed full time. From the next year on, he spent time between Washington, U.S.A and India) with Mr S R Swamy as the associate director, I went as a volunteer teacher to Anaimalai, Tamil Nadu to work with C.N Vaidheswaran, Vaithanna, as he was called.

November 17, 2020|

Knowledge and Process

The Montessori approach has underlined the importance of introducing concepts at the right time, in the right way. During the training of educators or workshops for parents, it may be done in a particular sequence with the assumption that adults know the concept and have to be shown only the way to offer these to the children, so that children are not ‘told’ but they discover the concept for themselves.

October 29, 2020|