International Summit of Education for the Future

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International Summit of Education for the Future
From the 20th to the 30th April 2022
An Online and Live Summit offered to the world
Free Registration

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

To inspire hundreds and thousands of people to act
⁃ to CREATE a healthy and sustainable WORLD…
⁃ to develop an EDUCATION that GENERATES, from generation to generation, a humanity that is an actor in its own future.

60 speakers from all over the world OFFER their experience and enthusiasm for the education for the Future! deeply inspiring beings, actors of change and of the transition towards an ethical, united and responsible world where the collective and planetary interest is the basic value of any individual and collective undertaking.


Wednesday 20th April 2022
Anil Gupta – India – Seeing beyond the obvious – Daring the imagination that makes the impossible possible
Opening and Welcome Ceremony
Caroline Sost – France – Joy, life skills and eco-citizenship at the heart of school and learning
Noé Esperón – Mexico – NeuroPsychoPedagogy VEO® : optimally increasing neural network connections
Julien Peron – France – Life is a long journey that constantly offers us enriching situations and experiences
English-speaking students of the world with Satyanna Chris Luken – What would be your dream school… college… university?

Thursday 21st April 2022
Catherine Eubank – USA – Forest School Education in all days, all weathers… a lesson in mindfulness
Jessica Joelle Alexander – Denmark – USA – The Secrets of Parenting and Education from the Happiest People in the World
Peter Gray – USA – Children’s free Playing Today is Key to a Happy and Peaceful World Tomorrow
Sujith Ravindran – India – Italy – Boundaryless schools that make schooling easy and keep children perfect
Benoit Paquette – Quebec – Teaching with Nature… in the richness and wonder of living nature
Adaeze Okika – Nigeria – USA – Which vision for rural education in the world?

Friday 22nd April 2022
Isabelle Servant – France – Positive guidance: how to help youth to create a great and inspiring working life
Noemi Paymal – Bolivia – The Multi-Universities 3000 4000 5000 and the 5 continents Campus for Peace
Amukta Mahapatra – India – The universal treasures of Montessori education: gifts for all schools
Raymond Barbry – France – The state of «flow» in sport, the highest level of control with ease and pleasure
French-speaking students of the world with Satyanna Luken – What would be your dream school… college… university?

Saturday 23rd April 2022
Vicki O’Leary – Australia – Teaching children to dare to discover new, unique and inspiring ideas
Manifeste de la Nouvelle Terre – Europa – Change your thoughts today… to change your world tomorrow
Fabienne Courmont – France – Emove: awakening children to nature and life through dance and movement
Devdip Ganguli – India – The philosophy and practices of integral education according to Sri Aurobindo and Mother
Intuiteurs sans Frontières – France – Connecting Humans to Nature through interspecies communication

Sunday 24th April 2022
Danses du Népal et Danses sacrées indiennes offered by the children and youth of SAYM in Kathmandu
Ramchandra Das – Nepal – An incredible unusual destiny to the integral education ashrams in the Himalayas
Armelle Six – Belgium – Parent or teacher: a path of spiritual elevation towards innate joy without reason
Aashti Tousignant – France – The moon, in astrology, highlights very different ways of learning and living
Neil Pinder – United Kingdom – How words build childhood and how, later on, these children, now adults, build the world
I. Lang & K. Czimmek – Germany – Mindfulness Education with babies and toddlers up to 6 years

Monday 25th April 2022
Yaacov Hetch – Israel – Benefits of democratic education in preparing our children for an unknown world
Valeria Kechichian – Argentina – Spain – Healing to Become: Teaching children to free themselves from trauma
Mike Hynes – USA – Finnish Education: a 12-step programme to help education around the world
Sabine Devlieger – France – The Intelligence of Great Trees and Forests to help individual and collective genius
Briony Vanden Bussche – Belgium – Caribbean – Quantum thinking: innovative primary schools for the world to come
Intuiteurs SF, Cécile Faulhaber – The path to self-reliance through wilderness and community

Tuesday 26th April 2022
Nirmala Mehendale – India – Kindness – Kindness – The Power of the Future for peace and sustainability
Olivier Clerc – France – For an integral education: body, heart, mind and spirit
Annelieke Van Der Sluijs – Nederlands – Portugal – The magic world of bees: treasures of wisdom for life and education
Abel M – France – When Universal Intelligence becomes the real schoolmaster and inspires games and situations
Denise Scotto – USA – The Golden Rule – Living in harmony with the planet, animals and all types of life

Wednesday 27th April 2022
Ricardo Leppe – Austria – It is possible to happily learn a whole week’s worth of school material in just one hour
Philippe Nicolas – France – North Cape – Doing your best for the whole rather than being the best of the whole
Philippe Perennès – France – Education of the Future: a new challenge for all… for all senses… in all senses…
Satyanna Chris Luken – France – USA – We are not born Leader or Shaman, we become it! Initiation stories of I-WE
Gunter Pauli – Belgium – Empower children to create a “SuperWorld” their parents could never have imagined

Thursday 28th April 2022
Abhinav Agarwal – India – France – Frugal innovation: making creative use of all our constraints and resources
Kerubo Ogoti & Janet Patry – Kenya – Strengthening resilience through emotional & multigenerational education
Adrienne Heim – USA – Empowering children and young people to become community leaders
Joël Monzée – Quebec – The making of the terrible child and the drama of the wise child – A call to heart kindness
Claire Durand – France – Children of the New Earth: their incarnation path, from infinity to birth

Friday 29th April 2022
Priya Daniel – Bangladesh – Green school architecture – When efficiency, beauty and balance come together
Bernadette Dullin – France – What if the school of tomorrow functioned as a big family full of Life?
Michaël & Della – Belgium – Canada – From a worldview based on separation to that of the Oneness of all life
Mikaël Zayat – France – When plants and their essences teach life and teach us to know ourselves better
Dan Millman – USA – How and why his early sports training formed the beginning of his spiritual quest

Saturday 30th April 2022
Marianne Sébastien – Switzerland – Positive education, community resilience – Life experiences in the slums of Bolivia
Christina Von Dreien – Switzerland – Deep down, we have always been love. That is who we really are
Ben Salmi Family – United Kingdom – “A family that works and plays together, stays together” – Educational stories
Vedananda Pandaya – Nepal – Integral education: practical experiences in the SAYM educational ashram, Nepal
Nassrine Reza – Switzerland – Nutri-Emotion, a new path to healing and fulfilment in the inner odyssey
Final – Closing ceremony